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Artist/Band: Joel Eckels Plans To Be
Genre: Rock, Soul, Funk, Blues
Home: Los Angeles, U.S.A. North America
His songs are personal and truthful as he plays from the heart. His sound has a nostalgic quality while remaining unique and all it's own. Eckels draws influence from classic soul artists such as Bill Withers and Otis Redding, the southern soul of Creedence Clearwater Revival and his rock n' roll roots of Led Zeppelin.
With lyrics that go straight to the bone and an affinity for the funk, this artist will truly move you while he grooves you.
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Artist/Band: Kristine Mirelle Plans To Be
Genre: Rock, Pop, Soul, Piano Player, Singer
Home: Los Angeles, U.S.A. North America
In her earlier years she performed and competed in National classical piano competitions around the US. She won 4 consecutive National Sonata competitions and was inducted into the International Piano Guild at age 12. One of her most popular subjects for interviews was her life she chose as a traveling musician selling her music door to door in neighborhoods all over the country.
Along with her passion for music, her passion for life has created a foundation for her ambitions. Kristine Mirelle continues to be an example of instrument mastery and vocal ability in a time when true musicians are scarce.
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