Bon Jovi

In November 2016, Island Records and Universal Music Enterprises released Bon Jovi's studio albums in remastered versions on vinyl, spanning their thirty two-year career from Bon Jovi (1984) up until What About Now (2013). On February 10, 2017 a 25-LP box set titled Bon Jovi: The Albums was released. It consists of Bon Jovi's thirteen studio albums, the compilation Burning Bridges (2015), the two Jon Bon Jovi solo albums (Blaze of Glory and Destination Anywhere), and an exclusive Extras album featuring "international rarities"

Home: New Jersey, U.S.A. North America

Genre: Hard Rock, PopRock, Glam Rock


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Bon Jovi Live
Continent: South America
Starts 22 Sep 2019, ends 02 Oct 2019